5 reasons why you should not overthink your decisions

5 reasons why you should not overthink your decisions

Something terrible happened today but are you still thinking about it? Things would have been different if you had taken that decision instead of this one? We often put too much pressure on ourselves, wondering whether what we are planning to do is right or wrong- are things gonna be the way we have thought they would? Would they? Let’s discuss things further so that it becomes evident that overthinking decisions can be as harmful as poison. We slip into our favourite past time- an indefinite period of over thinking. Indecisiveness and over thinking go hand in hand.

Let me tell you the hard truth.

No, you will not get it right every time.

But you won’t get it wrong every time either- if you stumble and fall, you also get up and rise!

So stop all those vicious mind cycles of over thinking and self-doubt- cause you deserve much better!

Still not convinced? Let me give you five very good reasons of why you mustn’t over think when it comes to decision making.

1. It lowers confidence drastically
It is important to consider the pros and cons of every decision you make and also be aware of the possible consequences- good or bad. However, analyzing way beyond what is required makes you doubt yourself- the more you scrounge for unnecessary, intricate details- the more stress over the decision at hand- and under stress, it is almost impossible to take a good decision. The confidence which is very necessary for a person to take right decisions will get destroyed if over thinking starts dominating the mind.

2. It leads to stagnancy and time wastage:
Thinking too much is simply a waste of precious time which you just cannot afford to waste. The mind gets stuck on one thing which leads to other important matters to be ignored. Time once gone will never come back. Moving forward will help solve things faster saving a lot of time. Timely decisions are the best decisions.

3. It creates confusion:
While arriving at a decision, you must guide your mind through a logical progression of thoughts. However, if you over think and keep brooding over your apprehensions and speculations- you will lose focus, for you will start thinking more about all the possible permutations and combinations of the results of your decision rather than the decision itself. A confused mind can never think clearly. So, clear the clutter.

4. It kills interest- Should I? When? How? Would it work? Can I? But

These questions take you for a ride- and when you come back- all exhausted and morose, you just feel like giving up, for you have lost all interest.

5. It breeds pessimism:
Over thinking, more often than not helps you speculate a variety of negative outcomes and relatively less positive outcomes. Negativity which is not at all healthy for your mind will destroy your power to fall, rise and learn. Optimism brings a lot of learning experience which is a stepping stone to taking right decisions.

So go ahead guys, strike an equilibrium- don’t do away with thinking altogether, yet be aware of the right time to take the plunge.