5 Rules for Getting Organized and Decluttered in Your Work Spaces

5 Rules for Getting Organized and Decluttered in Your Work Spaces

You mom calls you up this morning to let you know that she will be coming to your place to stay for a few days and that she will be arriving in about half an hour. You are surprised, though not pleasantly. Knowing how your mom is very particular about being organized and clean, you look at your desk, calling out to you under all your notes and stationery or your kitchen top under boxes of cereal or containers of leftovers. You try to rapid clean, cursing your past self and pitying your future self-getting a nice long lesson from your mom. But there’s good news! You don’t have to hurry clean your workspaces the next time if you are just organized. And this is not as difficult as you think it is. Just follow these 5 basic rules!


1. Try to clean up any mess before it happens.

Pick up that dirty t-shirt from the chair or wash those two or three plates lying in the sink before they grow up to be an entire day’s job. It hardly takes a minute in doing so but you would see that one minute will save so much of your time and energy afterwards.

2. Try decorating the workspaces.

If you put time and effort to decorate your desk or make your kitchen look chic, you naturally wouldn’t want any clutter to mess up after all that hard work. This would have dual benefits of better-looking interiors as well as efficiently avoiding a highly disoriented work space. You wouldn,t have to spend your time looking for small things that hide under a pile of disorganized things.

3. Fix places for your things.

On a disorganized desk, it is imperative that it will take you ages to find anything that you really need. When you fix a specific place for a specific thing, you naturally tend to look for that thing in its specified place, thus helping you organize your things properly.

4. Rope in your roommate

Anything that requires some amount of discipline is always hard to follow if there is no one to keep checks on you. So rope in your roommate in a pact where both of you keep a check on each other. Decide proper punishments or rewards for non-compliance. This will save them from a bashing from their parents as well!

5. Make up a system

Make up a proper system as to what goes when and where. It simply means tracking where you tend to put your things when feeling lazy or scrolling miles on social media absentmindedly. Once you become aware of where you leave your things when not paying attention, you automatically keep your things back to their designated places (refer back to rule 3, just saying) and Voila! You have an organized workspace!

These five rules are not too hard to follow. Once you get the hang of it, your workspaces will automatically start looking better and in turn, you will notice that your efficiency has gone up as well. And once you go organized, you cannot go back. So get up, for there is a cluttered desk singing out your name and a kitchen counter waiting for you. Because at the end of the day, it never hurts to be a little spick and span!