8 innovative event ideas for coworking spaces

8 innovative event ideas for coworking spaces

Without any doubt, Coworking has gained immense popularity and importance within the freelancing and startup ecosystems globally. Offering remote and independent coworkers to collaborate and network with one another, coworking space is much more than just a workplace. It is a work community!

Events in a coworking office are not mere meet and greet opportunities. They help achieve the ambience for the community engagement and creating healthy relationships with the coworkers. They come, listen, speak, share, and learn. This is what coworking is all about.

So here are eight among many innovative ideas that can help your coworking space lay down channels and communications well:

Free Pass Days

This one is intended to provide nonmembers get a taste of what your coworking space has to offer. This is the best way to induce them into becoming paid members. Offer a limited number of free passes every quarter to the nonmembers and show them what it is like to work in a cosy environment with some coffee, meeting space and a personalised introduction to the working community.

Entrepreneur Talks

Try motivating the members with some inspiring stuff coming from the success stories of entrepreneurs. Invite local entrepreneurs, even a coworker, and let them share their journey, the obstacles they faced in their paths, how they overcame them and the lessons they learned along the way.

Launch Parties

Throw a launch party if one of the coworkers just came up with an album, a website, a product or any successful launch. This will provide the coworkers to get involved in one anothers success and increase the sense of community work.

Live Music

Music can heal! Provide a dedicated spot in the space for performers to play music or just let the coworkers refresh their minds with the help of a soothing tune because music does everything from uplifting the mood to refreshing after a hectic working shift.

Happy Hours

Just hit the button on creativity mode and make the happy hours even happier. Combine happy hours with games, food or wine tastings and even video game sessions. Happy hours are nothing new, but the innovation has no limits.

Tech Talks

Try getting involved with your local developers community. Bring in some food and some wine. You will be amazed to see the response you get. This will help the developers share their new ideas and promote innovation.


From NASA’s space app challenge to NGO initiatives in developing countries, Hackathons seems to be the latest trend. And not all Hackathons are created equally. A combination of diversity, authenticity, expert collaboration and fun; well-organized Hackathons are like parties and can help the coworking space gain exposure and popularity.

Panel Discussions

Invite the community and the members of your coworking space at large and organise discussions on hot topics like how to maintain productivity while working remotely or how to get financing, etc. This helps create a sense of collective well-being as these topics remain a standard feature across businesses.