Future of co-working

Future of co-working

Co-working has been a popular concept amongst a group of freelancers. For individual professionals who used to work from home, now prefer to hire an office on rent and share some common resources. It’s a great saving over traditional office renting, and a wonderful break from bringing work at home concept. But the million dollar question in our minds at this moment is that- Will co-working be our future? Well, if it’s an occurrence then what will be the outcome and how we will be benefitted? Let’s check out some significant factors that make co-working a desirable option.

What are the advantages and future of co-working?

As the theme concept goes, co-working might be a great advantage for people who are in a profession like financial advisory, real estate, writing services, and software development.

Sharing the common space thereby a great potential of saving money:
Individually hiring out a place could be costlier.In order to avoid that cost, it’s great to hire a space dedicated to co-work.

Sharing the common resources like LAN network, cafeteria, library, and gym:
Co-working and hiring common space will give the advantage of using the common resources like computers and shared internet facility. You may enjoy an interactive session in the cafeteria or use the library for your benefit. It’s good to see new faces and discuss some common issues.

Great to exchange thoughts even if you are working individually:
The best part of co-working is exchanging thoughts. For freelancers, you might not have colleagues but opening your hearts out to co-workers is not harmful. After all, nobody can work in an absolute vacuum. You need to be surrounded by people and faces.

Jump to a common conclusion:
It occurs sometimes that freelancers face some common issues like payment or resourcing jobs. If you get co-workers in the same profession then it’s profitable to discuss the platforms from where jobs could be outsourced. A collective discussion might help to jump to a conclusion which can be the most desired solution at that moment.

Any metro city in India is subjected to fast change in terms of work culture. Since entrepreneurship has mushroomed up, the employment scenario experienced a havoc change. Employable people got engaged in work and living a life of their will. Depending on IT giants could be a risk because their dependence on foreign shores for business could not be a viable factor for existence. Small scale business and entrepreneurship do not require massive offices and redundant cost, but they prefer to find a fully furnished office which they can use occasionally. There are various reasons why a co-working concept is preferred:

Availability of fully furnished office with zero hassles:
Fully furnished offices are available and they provide all facilities like the house-keeping staff and receptionist which could be hired on a daily basis. All you need to do is pay the calculated rent and decide the dates when you want to use the facilities.

Occasional usage of conference rooms for clients’ meeting:
You have full-fledged conference rooms with the overhead projector, podium, sound system and other facilities that are desirable for a day usage. Let the professionals discuss their business interest while experts take care of their necessities.

Conducting meeting with teammates:
A team leader who is used to interact with colleagues over WhatsApp group or might be other virtual methods can take a break and meet his teammates in person and have a great discussion. Meetings are generally conducted in halls which could be hired for some hours along with facilities.

Co-working has gained popularity as a cost-effective method for new entrepreneurs and companies. Meeting colleagues on specific days of the month without any additional cost of maintenance is undoubtedly a great concept.