How does office decor complement the company’s productivity?

How does office decor complement the company’s productivity?

Imagine a workspace with monotonous walls, minimal to nil wall decor, boring furniture that successfully performs its lifes mission to cause as much discomfort as it can to its user. One can even sense the melancholy in the air. Think about an employee who will have to drag himself to such an office space every single day.

Productivity increases when the employees need to come to the office changes to his want to be at the office. According to studies, the physical environment is the most significant factor that affects an individuals ability to focus. Let us examine some of the ways in which office decor influences the company’s productivity.

Inspire creativity and invoke company values

Office decor can go a long way in unleashing the creativity of the employees and help them think outside the box. An inspiring workspace can stimulate and motivate the workers, thereby increasing the productivity.

Strategically placed innovative artwork, framed motivational phrases and inspirational images can help in reinforcing the company’s values in the workers. They can also uplift the employees to work towards the company’s goals.

Provision of comfortable workspace

One cannot expect someone, who is squirming under discomfort and struggling with back pain, to be productive. According to studies, ergonomic furniture and equipment have proved effective in increasing the productivity and employee satisfaction. Such measures not only reduce the eye strain, back and neck discomfort and other repetitive injuries of the employees, but they also feel valued by a company that goes a step further to ensure their health and well-being.

Effective lighting

According to studies, letting in a lot of natural light increases productivity, energy and creativity whereas poor lighting can cause eye strain, fatigue and headaches. Hence, office space should be designed in a way that capitalises on natural lighting.

If harnessing natural light is not possible, opting for indirect lighting is the next best option as it is more soothing and calming than light that shines directly on employees.

Colouring the way to productivity

Choosing the right colours for the office space has proven to increase the productivity. While blue stimulates the mind and yellow inspire creativity, green creates a calming balance and red affects the body. The saturation, as well as the intensity of colour, is more important than the actual colour itself. While highly saturated and bright colours stimulate, softer and muted colours soothe.

Flexible space

A productive workplace is one that has the perfect balance between collaborative areas and quiet workspaces. While the cooperative atmosphere facilitates casual group discussions, a quiet workspace aims for tranquillity and allows focused work. It is wise to opt for a flexible workspace that has an infrastructure, which can be easily reconfigured according to the changing atmosphere. Embracing nature

One of the quickest and easiest ways in which decor affects the productivity is through the inclusion of plants in the workspace. Studies have shown that keeping plants in the office increases productivity and cognitive attention, as well as filters the air, resulting in happy, healthy, and productive employees.


The right workspace is one of the key factors that can significantly increase the peace of mind and productivity of the employees. Proper colours and lighting, comfortable furniture, inspiring decor, plants and a flexible workspace highly influence productivity.