List of things that make a coworking space the best place to work!

List of things that make a coworking space the best place to work!

Coworking spaces are the best thing that’s happened in the current times. Being bitten by the entrepreneur bug, most people prefer co-working spaces, as they are cheaper, and come with a lot of conveniences. The add-ons such as free WiFi, quality furniture and even free coffee makes it lucrative.

While the search for coworking spaces is on, you need to be familiar with the terms that brokers use to talk about these spaces. Some of the words include “full-service TI”, “Triplenet” and “CAM”.

Apart from familiarising with the language, there are a few things that you might want to consider before opting for a coworking space. Here’s a checklist of things that make the coworking space the best place to work.

It is accessible

The first point in your checklist should be accessibility. How available is the coworking space from your place? Is it well-connected via public transportation? Does the route have good bike lanes? Will you be investing too much time travelling to the place? Do they have parking space? According to a research data, 46% of the people who opt for co-working spaces prefer one that is close to their home, so that they can save a lot of time travelling. If your space is not accessible, you should not opt for it.

Can people locate the place?

This is yet another question that you need to ask yourself when looking for a coworking space. Do you believe people can locate your place with ease, once you have shared the location? Is there enough signage indicating the position along the entrances? If it is inside an alley, is that lane easy to locate? If not, look for another one.

Any amenities near the location

Does the space have a restaurant or cafe nearby? This is an important question. While the coffee will be served at the coworking place, you may not carry lunch all the time. Apart from food, essential amenities such as a chemist, a regular retail store and a mechanic should be located near the coworking space. You should check for that before moving in.

Do they have access to fibre Internet?

Which Internet service providers are offering their services in the location? If there is no fibre Internet available in the coworking space, then probably you would want to talk to the other tenants and seek consensus for fibre Internet. If none of them agrees to it, you might want to look for another coworking space.

The age of the building

This is from a safety point of view. If the building is old and has not been maintained well, you may see the leaks throughout the structure. What if the roof needs to be replaced; if the top of the building is weak, there are chances it might fall someday. This is too risky. It is better to avoid such spaces.

Check for the floor, ceiling as well as the power connection in the coworking space. Make sure you have thoroughly checked the lease agreement for all possible considerations. This will make your life easy.

With this checklist, you are ready to hunt for the ideal coworking space that will make your stay worthy.