Office space advice and tips

Office space advice and tips

Are you an entrepreneur and owning a business lesser than 6 months old? Are you too much bored working from home or feeling it sucking to contact your co-workers by phone and Whats App? You are right. It’s time for you to look for an office space, preferably a co-working space. You must be feeling excited about the idea of renting your first office space; before making it a face-book status kindly consider the following points which might be great advice for ambitious entrepreneurs like you.

Deciding on the fact if you really need one.

If you and your co-workers owe an ad- agency, property dealing agency, financial advisory agency or software development agency, then you must require a proper office address as your business card would appear ridiculous to a prospective client if it reads a residential address & a point to be considered. Probably, an office space should be quite close to yours and co-workers home. Choosing a location near to your team will help you a lot to save time and travelling experience (avoid the daily fight with cab owners of course).

Having a strict budget in mind.

As you are a new entrepreneur, you must have a target budget in mind. Try avoiding municipality officers or making the property dealers rich. Instead, search for the office space using your own sources and pay a genuine person who owns the commercial building. A wise deal will help you save for your teams perks for the first consignment (of course maximum deals are like a pizza treating or might be an outing to KFC).

Finding out who’s responsible for the repairs.

While you are working on the lease documents, emphasis must be given on each and every clause. Like, many tenants have the first fight with the landlords on who will bear petty expenses like a defective lock, or might be a faulty tube light. Although it looks like kidding, still you must involve the fussiest team member to inspect each and every inch of the office to be hired. Special emphasis should be given to the supply of water 24/7 and well-sanitized washrooms. If your client comes to your office, make sure that your rented space is 100% like by him.

Considering an office-space quite near to your prospective client

Since you are the owner of your business, you should know who your prospective clients are. It is obvious that every client would like to deal with a supplier who is within his reach and not somebody who’s out of his physical reach. Business needs to be transparent. Nobody would like to invite trouble after signing a contract and paying some advance amount. Of course it’s not a mandatory clause, still, you should consider the least distance and travelling cost between yours and clients office.

Consider re- constructing a meeting room irrespective of however small your office space is

Your client should not be asked to meet in a restaurant or a public place with the excuse that your office space does not have a privacy or too cozy.

If you are a stern believer of Vaastu Shastra (Feng Shui)

Although this is not a mandatory point, still you should not keep a bit of doubt in your mind that if your business is not successful, it is a reason of the wrong Vaastu. Consider a Feng- Shui consultant and make sure that everything is going fine and you make the first deal with your client in with great pomp and gorgeous manner.