Reasons to start co working

Reasons to start co working

Are you a freelancer and work independently on your laptop most of the time? Does it occur that you become bored with the same place, laptop and four walls? It’s high time that you should start co-working. It’s time come and meet your co-workers and discuss issues faced by you during work. Work from home saves a lot of money but at the same time increases that problem of co-ordination and a joint solution to any problem.

When you are lonely

When you are working all alone in a laptop and interacting with your client by either G-talk or Whats App, you are basically living in a virtual world. Yes, you might be going to a cyber café or a coffee shop for a change, pissed up of sitting inside the four walls of your home, but you are surrounded by bodies, not colleagues. Working with colleagues give a different fellow feeling, although there are a lot of office politics, still, with colleagues, it’s easier to exchange thoughts.

When you need motivation

Working among co-workers and working with virtual workers makes a lot of difference. Of course, it’s a boon on technology that people in different corners of the earth virtually meet, discuss and get a deal done but still co-workers share a bond which no virtual worker can ever think of. Sometimes you suffer from “slackitude”, a symptom when you begin to feel everything is granted. It’s very important to work together with colleagues or meet sometimes to discuss the common issues and get a common solution.

When you love learning new things

If it could have been possible to learn new things by sleeping with a textbook under your head throughout the night that would have been great. But, unfortunately, it is not possible. When colleagues discuss, elaborate, debate then there are many things to be learnt even all discussions might not be a direct solution to your problem. Whenever you lurk in a specific topic, yell or try to win over your colleague by sounding loud, at the end you ultimately learn a lesson of your life. It’s true that each day of life is a learning exercise and you learn till your last day.

When you want to know about sharing resources

There are many resources to learn new lessons in life. It could be a print media, electronic media or sometimes a human. We forget that humans are the best resource to learn. Collaboration is the best outcome of co-working. Humans have their own creativity, problem-solving technique and unique approach which could be even more enhanced once sat across the table and discussed. That’s why co- working is a necessity.

When your work- life balance is going for a toss

Working alone basically gives you a feeling that you have to work, work and work hard throughout the day to attain success. You don’t have any breaks except doing the daily necessities which make jack a dull boy. Basically, working with co- workers gives you a feeling that your life is back on track and you are a human again. There is nothing like sharing your feelings with co-workers and colleagues. Working in absolute isolation is true boredom.