Scheduling tools work best for coworking spaces. Read this to know how!

Scheduling tools work best for coworking spaces. Read this to know how!

As coworking becomes more popular with each passing day, tech companies are making the most out of this opportunity to help the coworking spaces thrive. And since Scheduling is my favourite task said no one ever; these tools come as a lifesaver not only for the space itself but also for the lives of businesses dependent on the smooth going of coworking space activities.

Whether it’s scheduling meetings or booking spaces for your events, things can get quite complicated when it comes to booking time and space in a coworking scenario. So here are some of the tools that can help you with managing the schedule of the tasks of your space with ease:


Being the leading management software around the globe, Cobot is specifically designed and has proved itself to be a tailor-made solution to manage coworking spaces. It will save you from the chaos of endless spreadsheets and help in streamlining your billings and manage bookings. It will automatically charge the members based on their use of space and equipment.


A full-service coworking management solution, Nexudus features a super flexible algorithm which is capable of automatically calculating the price of each booking based upon the type, time or length of the room or the membership type of the person who requests the reservation. Real-time reporting and various integrations make it one of the most favoured coworking solutions available.


With a list of features which include Website creation, low fee ticket selling, integrated email marketing and so on; Splash helps in capturing audience insights and measuring event ideas. Splash will assist in empowering your team to launch and promote sophisticated event programs seamlessly.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is a fantastic tool when it comes to scheduling meetings and events. It will help your business by reducing the time spent in planning and more time doing the real work with its shareable calendars which integrate seamlessly with Contacts, Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts. You can even check a coworker’s availability, and see if the meeting rooms or resources are free and accordingly schedule events.


Skedda is an online scheduling and booking software for coworking spaces. Offering excellent customer services with an incredible ease of use, Skedda is also extensively used at sports club among other types of businesses. It is one of the smartest systems for managing reservations. With millions of bookings for thousands of organisations worldwide, Skedda’s elegant approach speaks for itself.


TimeBridge is your shortcut to setting up meetings in a far more convenient and streamlined way than the traditional approach used by most people these days. It is a well-designed, easy to use Web service that even syncs with Outlook and Google calendar to add to the simplicity of tasks. Moreover, it works with multiple calendars and even handles timezone and availability issues with equanimity.


DeskTime is a real time tracking solution that enhances the productivity at a coworking space. It is a tool which coworking spaces can use to make sure that their desks are full and it can also help coworkers with finding free desks. It offers various nifty features with in-depth insights and billing reports.