Dedicated Office Desk

Dedicated desks are workstations in communal offices that a certain worker can claim as their own. Employees have access to private desk spaces where they feel relaxed and uninhibited when they hire dedicated desks.

Employees who choose to rent a dedicated workstation are more accustomed to setting up a private area where they may concentrate.

Why Woodstock?

More than just space, At Woodstock, dedicated office desks provide conference room access at no additional cost, lightning-fast Internet, a business address and mail service, printing and copying, freshly ground small batch coffee, and healthy snacks.

Why prefer a dedicated office desk?

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    A place to call your own!

    A dedicated office desk will have a unique workspace and 24-hour access. A social hub, lifestyle perks, and internal logistics (HR, security, maintenance, and financial support).
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    Privacy when required

    When needed, seclusion is ensured by a separate workstation. You are free to leave the collaborative workspaces and complete your assignment in peace if it is of the utmost importance and requires your immediate attention.
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    A sense of security

    As opposed to Hot Desks, where one may walk in, plug in, and work. Dedicated office desks give employees a sense of stability. Regular attendance at the same workstation can encourage comfort, productivity, and distraction-free work.

A productive work environment​

We'll provide you everything you need to make the most of each working day, including your own lockable filing cabinet, bookable meeting rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, and printing services.

With a dedicated desk, you can enjoy the benefits of coworking in the solitude of your own office space, giving you the best of both worlds. With access available around the clock, you can work as you like and then keep your documents safely in your personal locker and cupboard while enjoying a nutritious lunch from the on-site cafe.

Truly flexible contracts

We provide completely flexible contracts that expand with your company. This will enable you to quickly upgrade, relocate, or switch from a dedicated desk or coworking space to a personal, completely customizable office space as needed. We'll be there for you at every turn. Our welcoming reception team is prepared to welcome your guests, and a committed team will assist you in moving and designing your space since, after all, we are here to help.

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What’s included:

IT Support

Superfast broadband

Fully equipped kitchen

Huge parking space

Conference rooms

Full security cameras

Flexible contracts

Events program

Communal spaces

Front office support