Private Office Space

A high-end private area for those who need peace and quiet to develop exceptional products and services. With the help of our private office service, we can offer teams of 4 to 100 people access to a fully furnished office setting.

Startups and businesses that want the entire cabin at their convenience should consider this location. Special access cards offer our clients essential security in addition to free services like access to conference rooms, meeting rooms, recreational spaces, and a terrace garden to break up any day.

We prioritise your comfort.

The elegance and energy of the common areas will motivate your staff and the visitors you bring to our facilities.

Who is it for?

  • 01

    4-100 person teams

  • 02

    SMEs, startups and corporations

  • 03

    Customised and prepared for occupancy offices

    Everyone needs a convenient workspace to work in, no matter how big or little their business is. This includes long-established companies as well as new ones. But there is always a reluctance to pay for unoccupied space or facilities. Simple is how we describe our office product. We provide just the right amount of room and amenities.

Our Amennities

What’s included:

All inclusive bills

Superfast broadband

Fully equipped kitchen

Huge parking space

Conference rooms

Full security cameras

Flexible contracts

Events program

Communal spaces

Front office support

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