The dos and don’ts of office space sharing

The dos and don’ts of office space sharing

Coworking spaces seem like the future of work. Apart from being budget friendly, they are excellent spaces for enhancing your creativity. You might like the energy they exude. Most people preferring coworking spaces are individuals working towards an idea, and aiming to make it big. They simply cannot afford huge set-ups, and offices, which would easily eat up a lot of money. The coworking spaces offer plenty of free amenities such as free coffee and free Wi-Fi. Some of them even have meeting rooms.

There is some etiquette to working out of a coworking space. Here we will take you through the dos and don’ts for a coworking space.

Dos for Office Space Sharing

Brainstorm with your coworkers:
Yes, that’s the biggest advantage of sharing office space with someone. You can get ideas or, even brainstorm your ideas with someone, and know whether or not they will work. If they are in need of advice, hear them out and suggest something that will help them. If you feel there is something that you need help with, reach out to them. Co-working is the best place to nurture your ideas.

Best place for networking:
Yes, office sharing gives you a lot of opportunity to network with the right kind of people. By knowing the right people, you can grow your opportunities, and take the right step towards your product. The person sharing space with you can be a networker, an investor or just someone who can help you at the right time. This is all part of your entrepreneurial journey. Make sure you make the most of this opportunity.

Keep your space clean:
This is something that you ought to do when sharing your office space with someone. You should ideally maintain a clutter-free desk, and help maintain cleanliness on the floor. If you have been eating at your desk, take a room freshener out, and clean out the air off the food smell. Throw away the wrappers and other clutter from your desk. Have a cleaning routine every morning.

Care for what you share:
If you have been sharing the office coffee machine or splitting up for the papers, then make sure you replace when the powder can is empty or when the printer needs paper. Whatever you are sharing, the responsibility is divided.

Don’ts for office space sharing

Take your calls inside:
When you are sharing space with someone, you don’t want to disturb them when working. If you have to attend a call, you can either shut yourself in the meeting room or you can go out to take the call. Make sure you lower your voice and speak even in the meeting room.

Talk at your desk:
If you have someone visiting you, and you need to talk, there is always the meeting room that you can use. Make sure you don’t talk to people at your desk, as that can disturb the others.

Over estimate your needs:
When evaluating your space needs, you should always know how much you really need. Occupying something more than you need is not a good idea.

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