The ideal office

The ideal office

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for an ideal office for yourself and your co-workers? Apart from a good location preference and proximity from your colleague’s home, there are other facts which should be considered a priority while looking for an office space.

What are the foremost considerations of an ideal office?

There are many facts which should be prioritized while looking for an office space.

Locational preference should be a central business district:
While choosing an office space on rent, the foremost priority should be a central business district and proximity to the client’s place. Proximity to public conveyance and availability of transport in odd hours should also be kept in mind as a priority.

Ideal start up office should accommodate 25-30 co worker:

If you have decided to hire an office space, then it should be well designed so that at least 25-30 people can work there comfortably. Individual cubicles or shared cubicles could be designed and arranged; easy co-ordination and transparency from the boss office should be idolized.

The decor of office should be unique and motivational:

Most of the offices should prefer a light base on the walls. It could be wallpaper or even painted walls. You might put up artworks or paintings with a motivational message; this could be a daily booster for your co-workers.

Large windows, proper ventilation and emergency exit should be considered before signing a deal:
The windows should be in a strategic position so as to ensure ventilation and easy view also. In case of any emergency, windows could act as an exit passage. The main entrance should not be very far away from the lift door or the staircase. The emergency exit door should be given a preference as in the case of any unprecedented situation like a fire, burglary or terrorist attack, this could be used.

Rules of the lease should be clear:
It’s essential to know the rules of the lease and get technically explained from an expert. You should know which repairs to be done by the landlord and which by yourself. This will minimize any chances of conflict and penalty imposed on either party.

Be motivated to be a ‘green fingers’ in your workspace:
In order to ensure that you have the right amount of oxygen in your office, encourage a bit of greenery in your office. Being a green finger will give you the right amount of positive energy; it’s a great relief to your eyes and will ensure positive vibes in your workplace.

A place for workout is an additional advantage and a stress buster for your co-workers:
Apart from a common cafeteria dedicated to a particular commercial building and a common lift, you need to have a place to work-out to ensure that your colleagues do not suffer from boredom or fatigue in small intervals. Keeping a treadmill or a cross trainer in your office space will ensure that you colleagues keep fit while working for long hours. Healthy colleagues are instrumental in the long run of the company and also its success history.