6 Team building activities that are a must to maintain efficient work culture

6 Team building activities that are a must to maintain efficient work culture

Team building activities help employees in working more efficiently in groups, thereby resulting in new project innovations and improved communication. It also builds trust, mitigates conflict, and increases collaboration among employees. Coworking spaces also help in this regard.

Events that don’t resemble just another day at the office are the most successful, memorable team-building activities. Spending time together by sharing an experience or working towards a common goal allows bonding to happen far more effectively than activities that overtly aim to draw in leadership lessons or practical takeaways. Let us explore six team-building activities.

1. Amazing Race

What better way to make the team work together than to have them scavenging the entire city together! Inspired by the popular TV show of the same name, this game has the team members solving puzzles, finding clues, completing team challenges, etc. while having a large amount of fun and laughter.

It encourages team planning, communication, problem-solving, strategic thinking and observation skills. This highly customisable game can either be conducted on a small scale within the office or be carried out within an entire city, making use of various means of transportations like buses, auto rickshaws, etc.

2. Paintball

What can be more fun than an opportunity to shoot one’s team manager with some paint? Paintball is a popular war simulation game where two teams are provided with guns that shoot paintballs at very high speeds. This game promotes leadership development, employee management, scientific learning and development, negotiation and resource management as well as decision making.

3. Charades

For this, the employees are divided into teams for a classic game of Charades. The teams compete against each other for points in this fun-filled indoor team building activity.

While improving communication and bonding among team members, Charades is sure to tickle one’s funny bones as well.

4. Corporate team outing

Theme based corporate team outings are one of the best ways to bond with each other, improve communications and an excellent method to break the ice for freshers. This may include camping, team hikes, barbeques, campfires, etc. When packed with engaging activities, team outings are a fun way for team building.

5. Team Sports

There is nothing that gets people as excited as taking part in team sports events. Add to it some scintillating music, war cries, team slogans and t-shirts, and the fun doubles and triples! The game can be set up in the office or outside and can include a large number of people.

The best part of this event is the possibility of inclusion of a number of fun sports events like sack race, slip soccer, sumo wrestling, and the likes. It promotes quick thinking, decision-making, and creativity.

6. Corporate adventure trips

Adventure trips are the best way to determine the limits to which a team can be pushed. These include activities like flying fox, rope balancing, river crossing, loop bridge, etc. that are sure to send adrenaline searing through one’s body.

While these would be the opportunity for the team to challenge itself and test its endurance, for individuals it is a means of facing one’s fears. Most of these activities improve bonding between members, and at the same time, they teach balance, coordination and concentration along with rendering a great sense of confidence and a positive view of self.